About Us...

Colectivo Moriviví is a women driven artistic collective that has been producing public art and artivism since 2013. Our artistic production consists of muralism, community-led muralism, and protest performance/actions. We believe that throught artivism we can promote consciusness on social issues, producing what we call the collective "imaginario" (imaginary/imagery). The collective "imaginario" is the imagery we build in our artwork that resonates with Puerto Rican narratives strengthening our collective memory.  Our intention is to make community and that our history is not denied, that's why we use public art to achieve it. .



Moriviví is a collective of young female artists, working on public art since April 2013. All of the founders first studied at Central High School of Visual Arts, located in Santurce, PR.  Based in Puerto Rico, we’ve gained recognition for the creation of murals, where we’ve developed the subject of human condition directed to sensibilize spectators.


The group was conformed during Santurce es Ley 4 Festival in Puerto Rico and then kept participating in local Urban Art Festivals. As our work became more popular, organizations and community leadership started to reach out to us.


We began as eight higschoolers who wanted to paint a mural together. However, in eight years of hard work, we’ve faced many challenges.  Now we are in a period of transition. During this following year, we aim to restructure the collective internally. Our goal is to open new opportunities for collaborators and back-up our decision making process with a new evaluation system.  In the long run, we aspire to become an alternative school of art practice for those interested in immersing themselves in community art production.


After all these years, we have murals and community projects done in different towns in Puerto Rico, like San Juan, Caguas, Loíza, Humacao, Adjuntas, Vega Alta, Las Piedras and Culebra. We've given conferences in New York City and Buffalo, NY. We've also been class speakers for a couple universities, such as Tulane University in New Orleans, Grinnell College in Iowa and Trinity College in Conneticut. We've eagerly worked with the Puerto Rican diaspora in the US though community projects in New York City with El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice, at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, in Holyoke, MA with Nueva Esperenza and the Holyoke Public Library, and with the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center in Chicago, IL. In 2017, we also had the opportunity to go to China, to represent Puerto Rico in a mural project called The Miracle Project with the production of two murals centered on the subject of the colony. Last 2019, we were finalists in the Sheffield Mural Festival in Tasmania, Australia and official muralists for Fresh Paint Springfield in Springfield, MA.


In 2018, we were awarded a grant from the Art Matters Foundation. In addition, that same year we became a FRIDA Young Feminists Fund co-part and grantees, and continue to be so to this day.  Both initiatives have helped to support and continue our work as young women artists and community organizers.


"Our work is about democratizing art and bringing the narratives of Puerto Rican communities to the public sphere to create spaces in which they are validated."