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Frequently Asked Questions

C O L E C T I VO     M O R I V I V Í 
Want to develop a mural project? Want to submit a request or a quote?

Whether it's a commission or another type of mural project, click on the button and fill out the information requested. It will give us a clear idea of the viability of the project. We will get back to you as soon as we evaluate your proposal!

How can I help you with your work? How can I contribute?

You can contact us directly at, and we can coordinate to receive your donation, monetary or “in kind” (materials or equipment). We also have some prints of our murals available that help us fundraise some extra income. If you're interested in collaborating in any of these aspects, email us, and please give us your contact information: Name, Address or Region, email, and phone number.

I'm interested in using images of your artwork, do you license the images?

If you wish to use images of our work for any matter, you have to request our permission. The easiest way to do so is via email to Please, be specific about which image(s) you're interested in using, as well as the purpose and nature of the image licensing.

For commercial or for-profit purposes, we charge a fee that varies depending on the purpose and nature of the licensing. 


We also donate the rights of use of images if:

  • We find that the purpose and nature of the licensing are socially committed or have a social impact.

  • Your organization or initiative has limited funds and is aligned with our ideals, practices, and ethical views.

I'm an artist! Can we collaborate?

We are always open to collaborating with fellow artists. Please share with us your work and ideas via email to

  • If you have in mind a specific project, please submit the "Project Evaluation Request" form that you can access by clicking the button below the first section in this F.A.Q

  • If you're interested in learning to paint murals or the community engagement process, specifically, we are looking for ways to support artists who are interested in learning about community-engaged arts. Don't be shy! Share some of your work and why you want to learn about muralism and community art.

Rompeolas_ Homenaje a Julia de Burgos

Thank you for supporting Colectivo Moriviví!

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