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Fragmentación Sensorial

FreshPaint Springfield 2022

2022 | Sensorial Fragmentation @ Springfield, MA

This mural is our second participation in FreshPiant Springlfield, a mural festival that's been taking place in that city since 2019.  It is located in the front of German Gerana Elementary School.

This project is part of hour commitment to collaborate and connect with the Puerto Rican diaspora in the United States.  This community in particular was dramatically divided by the I-91, a huge interstate hihway.  To reach the school the students must walk through a tunnel underneath the highway.  Our mural dialogues with another one painted at the entrance of said tunnel.  We reflect on how learning takes place thorugh our senses and the diversity of our experiences.  Through art we can connect fractured spaces.

We thank FreshPaint Springfield for inviting us again to take part in this amazing project, that remains commited to its local communities.

Photography by Kelvin Rodríguez

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