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"Sembremos: Homage to Community Gardens"

Series of Illustrations based on the ideas conceptualized in our Tallereo Comunitario, a series of online workshops in which participants explored the creative process.  We worked with our creativity and learned to conceptualize in collectivity.

The first concept drafted from these workshops centered on community.   The participants chose community gardens as an example of ideal community organization and solidarity.  Colectivo Moriviví brought these ideas to the visual language.

"Plantas de Memoria: Homenaje a Agroarte"

Plants of Memory: Homage to Agroarte

Illustration by Salomé Cortés Robles

"Planting is remembering, it's finding oneself in the soil. This image is based on the documentation of La Comuna 13's (Medellín, Colombia) community project: Agroarte.  It's a community effort of the neighbors of la comuna, focused in strengthening their community bonds through farming, music and the reaffirmation of their collective memory.  "Plantas de Memoria" (Plants of Memory) is only one of the agro-political actions happening there.  It's an invitation to plant in honor of those that we wish to remember.  

I recognized inmmediatly that government and community transit memory  through different roads.  There's parallels between the history of La Comuna 13 and that of Puerto Ricans who demand self-sustaining alternatives out of this dysfunctional system that constantly tries to erradicate our memory.  Retaking our land is also claiming the bonds with our past, present and future.  A life in community awaits us."

-Salomé Cortés Robles

Moriviví Muralist and Educator

File_000 (1).jpeg

"La Siembra"

The Sawing

Illustration by s. alguien

"La siembra" is a reflection about how activism and organization efforts nurture our land.  In this landscape, a cacerolazo (which is a protest where everybody bangs their pots) blossoms from the sky and dawns over our countryside (Puerto Rican countryside).  The two feminine figures stand tall above the landscape like resilient spirits.  The phrases in their shirts where suggested by the participants of the community workshops.

"In the Tallereo Comunitario (Community Workshops) we talked obout the possibility of  integrating nature elements with symbols of resistance.  We discussed about taking care of the land and nurturing it, we even reflected upon the symbolism behind a watering can... With all this in mind, I ellaborated this image, trying to gather all of those ideas.  I would love seeing it as a mural one day."

-Chachi González

Co-Director of Moriviví

"Cuidar Nuestra Tierra es cuidarnos"

Taking care of our land is taking care of each other

Illustration by Raysa Raquel

Ilustration based on the ideas conceptualized in our Tallereo Comunitario, during 2020.

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