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Colectivo Moriviví was started by 8 high school classmates who wanted to create a mural together and made it happen. Now it has become a 10-year-long journey. As young women, we've grown in this wonderful space we created for ourselves. We've questioned our process and structure, and we keep fighting to find new ways to make it as participatory as possible.


Meet the amazing people behind Moriviví!



Sharon ‘Chachi’ González Colón

Co-Founder, Muralist & Community Arts Educator

1995 | Santurce, P.R.

Chachi González (She/Her) belongs to the original 8 young women who founded Colectivo Moriviví. She is an interdisciplinary artist under the pseudonym, "S. alguien", with strong formation in Printmaking, Sculpture, Drawing, and Painting.


In 2013, Chachi graduated from Puerto Rico’s Central High School of Visual Arts, earning a Drawing and Painting Certification. In 2017, she took courses at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. During the Spring of 2018, she was a Climate Refugee Scholar at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. From 2017-2019, she was part of the Program of Independent Studies (PEI) at Puerto Rico’s Contemporary Art Museum(MAC). Finally, in 2023, Chachi earned her BFA in Sculpture with a minor in Printmaking at the School of Art and Design of Puerto Rico. 


Raysa Raquel Rodríguez García

Co-Founder, Muralist & Community Arts Educator

1995 | Carolina, P.R.

Raysa Raquel (She/Her) is one of the original 8 co-founders of Colectivo Moriviví. She is an interdisciplinary artist with formation in Drawing and Painting.

From an early age, she showed interest in the visual arts, for which she had the opportunity to take her first courses at the School of Arts and Design of Puerto Rico and at the Art League of San Juan. From 2008 to 2009 she studied visual arts at the Carolina School of Fine Arts. After her preparation at the School of Fine Arts, in 2009 she entered Puerto Rico's Central High School of Visual Arts of Puerto Rico and graduated in 2013 with a Certification in Drawing and Painting. From 2017-2018, she was part of the Program of Independent Studies (PEI) at Puerto Rico's Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC). In 2019, Raysa earned her BFA in Painting from the School of Art and Design of Puerto Rico. From 2017 to 2022 she worked as an educator and exhibition assistant at the San Juan Museum. Currently, she is a full-time artist.



Project Assistants

Assistant Muralists, Community Paintings Support and Workshop Assistance

This is a paid position, where assistants support the labor that is part of mural painting, and community-led arts. They also receive mentorship and training in the areas that are crucial to socially engaged work. Project Assistants may aspire to grow in other roles within the collective in the future.


Internship Program

Project and Administrative Support

The Internship Program is an exchange where interns donate labor to Colectivo Moriviví, in exchange for training and experience in a specialized area such as management in social organizations, mural painting, and community arts. We hope that this space can serve to gain work experience in the field of arts and cultural management. Our Interns can aspire to grow in other roles within the collective in the future.

Project Assistants & Interns


Valeria A.
Méndez Rosado

1999 | Cayey, P.R.

Project Assistant

Valeria (She/Her) is a visual artist with training in Drawing and Painting. She is also known on social media as "Eclipse" under the username "eclipselunvr." She graduated in 2016 from the Miguel A. Juliá Collazo Specialized School of Fine Arts with a certification in Visual Arts. She then entered the Old San Juan School of Fine Arts and Design (EAPD) where she graduated from the Department of Painting in 2022.

Valeria began the practice of muralism in the Pintada de Resistencia during the summer of 2019 in Old San Juan. Later that same year she was part of Humacao Grita 2019. She has also assisted other muralists such as Carlitos Skills and Golden305.

She currently practices the art of tattooing in the Skills Creative Studios space in Bayamón, PR, and aspires to continue developing in the area of muralism.

002 Patricia Rivera.jpg

Patricia Victoria Rivera Vega

1996 | Humacao, P.R.

Project Assistant

Patricia (She/Her/They/Them) is an interdisciplinary artist with training in drawing and painting.


From an early age, Patricia showed great interest in drawing, but it was not until she reached high school that she had the opportunity to take specialized courses in visual arts at the Humacao School of Fine Arts, where she finished her studies in 2014. She was chosen to begin her high school degree in the Department of Painting at the Puerto Rico School of Art & Design (EAPD). She then obtained her BFA from said university in 2020.


Alondra Coral Martínez Ortíz

2003 | Humacao,P.R.

Project Assistant

Alondra Coral (She/Her/They/Them). She showed interest in painting from an early age, it was something that "came to her naturally". She graduated from the Anita Otero Hernández School of Fine Arts to then begin a BFA in Painting at the Puerto Rico School of Fine Arts and Design(EAPD). She specializes in portrait and human figure painting. In addition, she enjoys sculpture and sewing, elements that have contributed to the making of her own style of painting.


She shares that, "Colectivo Moriviví greatly inspired me in my work, for which I am grateful for this opportunity to be part of and bring happiness to the communities with which I will work."


In other aspects of the arts, she became a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor, which she practices at Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico.

001 Ana Rivera.jpg

Ana Carolina
Rivera Arroyo

1998 | San Juan, P.R.

Project Assistant

Ana (She/Her) is an interdisciplinary artist, with training in drawing, painting, and graphic arts. She often works on autobiographical themes that explore concepts of femininity, Caribbean flora, and magical realism through fantasy imagery.

Ana graduated in 2021 from the Puerto Rico School of Fine Arts and Design (EAPD) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting. She has worked as a workshop facilitator as well as an art teacher at the Caguas Creative Workshop School. She has participated in multiple collective exhibitions in institutions such as the Ana G. Méndez University, the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico, the EAPD, and the "Casa de Cultura" of Josué País García in Santiago de Cuba as part of the Caribbean Festival, dedicated in 2018 to Puerto Rico.


Gabriela Díaz Ortíz

1997 | Dorado, P.R.

Project Assistant

Gabriela (She/Her) is an artist and illustrator who loves designing characters, experimenting with crafts, and the use of color. She excels in painting, drawing, and digital art. Currently, she works as a freelance artist, and with Colectivo Morivivi.

From an early age, she showed interest in drawing, and she had the opportunity to study at Savannah College of Art and Design. She graduated in 2019 with a BFA in Illustration, a minor in Sequential Art and another in Art History. Her art was published in various independent anthologies, and she has participated in Puerto Rico Comic Con.


Zack López Ortiz

2000 | Humacao, P.R.


Zack (He) is a self-taught writer and artist with studies in Video Game Programming, from 2018 to 2020. Because he was never able to finish his art studies, Zack set out to teach himself to draw from an early age. He used art books and websites, such as DeviantArt and YouTube, to encourage his artistic learning.


Zack creates works focused on social, internal and external issues, with the aim of opening dialogues about them. Currently, he freelances as an artist and writer.

Special Acknowledgements

Former members & Co-founders

Big shout out to those who shared this journey with us!


Salomé Cortés Robles 


Joy Díaz Marty


Estefanía Rivera Cortés


Anamarie Sierra Pagán


Ariadne Rodríguez Cabrera



Yesenia Martínez Acevedo


Kelly Annette Gómez

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