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Una bocanada de mariposas

2013@ Santurce es Ley 4. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This wall witnessed Moriviví being born. It is the first mural of the collective, created by 8 classmates. It was carried out and completed because we had a lot of excitement and determination to do so. We made all the necessary arrangements, from getting the wall space to obtaining all the materials to be able to paint it.


Curiously, it is one of our few pieces where the main figure is male. A fragmented man is presented, trying to escape a space that traps him. With his heart out, he vomits monarch butterflies that end up surrounding the scene. At the time of its realization, we did not prepare descriptive writings, so we only have our memory left. We remember that it was an existentialist piece, where we questioned being trapped in routine and productivity.

Ten years later, we perceive new readings. Under a mature feminist lens, we can see a discourse on sensitivity and masculinity. Patriarchy not only oppresses people who are not cis hetero masculine, but it represses vulnerability and sensitivity in boys and men. Now we look at that figure and that is what we see, articulated visually, before we could articulate it in words.

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