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Nosotres luchamos

2021 | Together We Fight | Caguas, P.R. 

Photography by Kelvin Rodríguez

"Feminist Realities" was the starting point for this project. Through this mural, we explore the transcendence of borders by presenting bodies like a map, in an embrace that highlights the union of the different feminist manifestations, practices, and realities.

The women represented are local fighters who allowed us the honor of being our subject. We work with representative bodies of the Puerto Ricans we fight, with all the naturalness of what many consider "imperfections." We honor our rolls, our cellulite, different hair textures, and skin tones. We undress those territories that we are, in which our society has turned us, and we contextualize them in another greater reality. The hands "spin" the new "reality", one that is in the process of construction.


In the center, we see a compass or compass upside down, but with our hearts "upright", because we recognize that there is no perfect way to fight and that we continue to seek our direction, fighting for what we believe from the depths of our being that brings us closer to good.


The mural is located in Caguas, known as the "center and heart of Puerto Rico." Inside the compass, you can see interpretations of the historic doors of Caguas according to their geographical cardinal point. In what were the “gates” of Caguas, now reside monuments that pay tribute to the racial and historical legacy of Puerto Rico. We believe that our history has shaped our struggles and the way we navigate it continues to evolve our social ideals, and in this case feminism. We wanted to use the symbol of the compass to connect with the geographic space of the mural and delve into the complexity of the struggles.

Photography by Kelvin Rodríguez

Photography by Kelvin Rodríguez

This project has come a long way. From its remote conceptualization with feminists from different parts of the planet to its realization in Puerto Rico, it has been a path in which we have learned a lot and connected with wonderful people. In the period of one year, we were able to produce a large community project in its different phases, even with the limitations of the pandemic. We are very proud of it.


We thank the international feminists who participated in the conceptualization workshops. Thanks to Las Nietas de Nonó for helping us re-evaluate ourselves to re-contextualize this concept to the realities of Puerto Rico. We thank our models Kimberly Figueroa Calderón, Kanisha E. Rivera Millán, Baldielys M. Cruz Reyes, and Ima Efímera. We are grateful to the women who accompanied us in the Community Painting Session. Special thanks to the Municipality of Caguas for all their support with the logistics and coordination of the wall. 


Thanks to AWID for creating the space from which this project was born and not giving up on this effort. Finally, thanks to FRIDA Young Feminist Fund for their continuous support of our endeavor.

We are very happy to see this mural become a reality!

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