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Las mujeres hacen matria

2021 | Women make the Motherland
El grito del arte
Arts Festival @Lares, P.R. 
Las mujeres hacen maria_edited.jpg

Las mujeres hacen matria pays tribute to Mariana Bracetti and many of the women who have made history for Puerto Rico. 

Mariana is portrayed sawing the first Puerto Rican flag. Golden threads lead out from the flag and weave together the names of some of the many women who have resisted for themselves and Puerto Rico. The names cover the land, and the flag becomes the sea.


Mariana Bracetti was a Puerto Rican freedom fighter who sewed our first flag. Mariana, known as "Arm of Gold", participated in Puerto Rico's first independence revolt, known as El Grito de Lares (The Scream of Lares). 


El Grito de Lares was not only a battle for Puerto Rico's freedom but a movement fighting for basic human rights, such as the abolition of slavery and the end of the Jornalero book.

Las mujeres hacen matria

Mural Details

Photography by Kelvin Rodríguez

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