August 05, 2019

This is the conversation describing the story and process behind the creation of the two murals at the Holyoke Public Library, made by Girls Inc on their summer externship program, along with teens from the Holyoke Public Library, and three artists from Colectivo Moriviví, from Puerto Rico.

In this session, we talk with Salomé Cortés, Raysa Rodríguez, and Sharon González, from Colectivo Moriviví, and Rachel Dowd, Teen Librarian at the Holyoke Public Library.

Artistas plasman un sentimiento profundo con sus murales a favor de la diáspora puertorriqueña

June 12, 2019

Durante el Festival “Fresh Paint Mural” llevado a cabo en el centro de la ciudad de Springfield, tres jóvenes de Puerto Rico, Sharon González, Salomé Cortés Robles y Raysa Rodríguez del Colectivo Moriviví participaron creando dos murales los cuales están ubicados en las calles Taylor y Hampden en el centro de la ciudad.

Fresh Paint mural festival begins in downtown Springfield

June 02, 2019

SPRINGFIELD — Sunday turned out to be a good day to paint the town red - and blue and green and yellow.

Despite an initial forecast that called for rain by midday, there was plenty of time for artists — and members of the community — to put colorful designs and scenes on large exterior walls downtown, courtesy of Fresh Paint Springfield, a mural festival running through June 8.

The goal is to transform 10 nondescript buildings into a free walkable outdoor art gallery, according to organizers.

Art of Now: Puerto Rico

May 29, 2019

Anna McNamee learns how Hurricane Maria and economic crisis have inspired Puerto Rican artists to come up with creative new solutions to making work and helping relief efforts

"Out in the streets, a female art collective, Morivivi, are quite literally repainting Puerto Rico - exploring subjects such as gender violence, climate change and the legacy of colonialism in their colourful murals"

Mural Fest finalists compete for $41,000 total prize kitty

April 24, 2019

Puerto Rican artists Raysa Rodriguez and Sharon Gonzalez heard about what a great event International Mural Fest was while participating in a mural festival in China.

Ms Gonzalez said the fortuitous meeting with another Mural Fest finalist in China led to their trip to Sheffield.

"That's how we learned about it, and we were told to come," she said....

Proyecto Reverdece, inaugura nuevo mural del Colectivo Moriviví en Cataño

April 30, 2019

Cataño, Puerto Rico - El director ejecutivo del ICP Carlos R. Ruiz Cortés felicitó a los artistas por el mural recientemente plasmado en una pared del Restaurante Don Tello,en la comunidad de Cataño por Moriviví  junto a un grupo de estudiantes de la Escuela Francisco Oller de Cataño....

Art Collective Colectivo Moriviví Is Painting Political Murals Throughout Puerto Rico

January 04, 2019

By Raquel Reichard


"Like the samsaric plant, Colectivo Moriviví — an art collective of young women on the island — hopes to breathe a new fighting spirit into a people and country fatigued by economic, political, and natural disasters, by using paint and brushes to make murals...."

Mujeres boricuas reciben importante beca

December 28, 2018

"El trabajo de las artistas puertorriqueñas Teresa Hernández, Gisela Rosario y del colectivo Moriviví fue reconocido recientemente por la fundación Art Matters, ubicada en la ciudad de Nueva York. Las dos artistas y el colectivo fueron merecedoras de la beca ($7,500) que pueden utilizar para cualquier aspecto de su práctica, incluyendo investigación, viajes, producción, presentación y más...." 

7 Contemporary Puerto Rican Muralists you should know

August 10, 2018

"All female collective Moriviví from Puerto Rico paint large scale feminist murals around the island.   The group started off at the Santurce Es Ley street art festival in 2013 and has worked on major murals since then...

Puerto Rican Art Collective Creates Murals and Social Change

April 10, 2018

What's this item about? What makes it inColectivo Moriviví creates public art that boldly advocates for social justice. Their expansive work in Puerto Rico addresses domestic violence, systemic racism, climate change, and also celebrates the beauty and connectivity of local communities. What makes their work especially potent is that they collaborate with local citizens to plan, paint, and create their public artworksteresting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Muralistas boricuas llevarán su arte a China

August 09, 2017

Ocurren constantemente, de lo pequeño a lo inmenso, pero a menudo los milagros pasan desapercibidos porque estamos pendientes a otros eventos menos inspiradores.

En esa línea, “The Miracle Project” es una propuesta de muralismo que se celebra en la villa artística de Hua Quan en China y su propósito es plasmar en los alrededores instantes que devuelvan la mirada a lo maravilloso.

All-Female Puerto Rican Art Collective Moriviví Recreated Controversial “Puerta de La Bandera” Protest Art in NYC

August 01, 2016

For decades Boricuas have been bringing their little "pedacito de la isla" to New York’s gritty urban spaces. From the casitas of el Bronx to bomba jams on the Lower East Side, the cultural bridges between the island and New York’s cityscape run deep – and thanks to the female Puerto Rican artist collective Moriviví, they just got a little deeper.m about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Colectivo Moriviví: “Se aprende independencia haciendo arte”

March 04, 2016

¡Tienen que ponerle un nombre! Ese amistoso comando les fue ordenado en el 2013 a cuatro mujeres jóvenes la primera vez que pintaron un mural en Santurce es Ley, y hoy se llama Colectivo Moriviví. Nombre dual: vida/muerte,  nombre que incorpora la sensitividad/sensibilidad en su hacer de vida cuando armónicamente las hojas de esa  planta entonan silentemente, de dos en dos, una sinfonía de cierre al ser tocadas, para luego abrirlas minutos después de igual manera (a la inversa): cierra/abre. El que disfruta de ello añade la música, interpreta el movimiento dual de las hojas que en segundos se cierran al mismo compás del ser tocadas. El nombre en latín de Moriviví es Mimosa Pudica.

Moriviví: “We Want to Stimulate Reactions That Help us Grow as a Society.”

March 28, 2016

The Moriviví women’s art collective in Puerto Rico is passionate about interacting with local communities and creatively expressing the communities’ voices. They currently focus on the collaborative creation of murals which integrate beautiful symbolic images with social commentary. Their work has been the victim of censorship, as in the case of this mural with a domestic violence focus (below). Women in the community respondedby standing in front of the mural topless,  and Moriviví shared this message on their Facebook page...

After Anti-Domestic Violence Mural is Vandalized, Puerto Rican Women Fight Back

October 01, 2015

Put a bra on that girl!”

That’s what one driver screamed at the artists who were painting a mural of two nude women on an underpass along San Juan’s Avenida Fernández Juncos earlier this week. And he wasn’t the only one. While some people beeped their horns and expressed support for the work that was going up, there were also plenty who shared the sentiment that these nude women shouldn’t be painted in a public space.

But making these women visible was precisely the point.

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