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About Moriviví

Colectivo Moriviví is an all-women artistic collective producing public art and artivism since 2013. Our artistic production consists of muralism, community-led muralism, and protest performance/actions. Our work is about democratizing art and bringing the narratives of Puerto Rican communities to the public sphere to create spaces in which they are validated. The history of Puerto Rico is very fragmented, and many aspects have been erased or obscured. Our intention is to make a community and that our history is not denied, that's why we use public art to achieve it.


Moriviví is a model of artistic production focused on bringing the voice of its context into the public forum. Muralism is understandable and powerful for the general spectator. Portraying ideas in collectiveness and collaboration with others is a challenge, and that is what validates painting as a process.


The change we seek to generate is a social one. Promoting community organizing as the most important value, one that really leads to the prosperity of all people. It is our contribution to an increasingly difficult world and all the challenges we have to deal with collectively, with activism.


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"We are working so that Moriviví may become a set of ideals about teamwork, genuine independence and meaningful production."

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