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Casita María


2022 | Casita Maria @Bronx, NYC
Empathy and Collaboration
Casita Maria

Casita Maria is a Community Mural Project in collaboration with a local organization of the same name. Youth from Casita María's programs participated in the conceptualization and design process. They also were models for the people featured in the mural. Colectivo Moriviví facilitated remote workshops with Casita María's staff to make this possible.

This mural reflects on the power of music to transform these young people's learning experiences. The transition of colors from cold colors to a warm palette is a metaphor for that transformation. The instruments featured are the ones used in Latin Jazz, which is central to the Bronx's culture and heritage.


The mural also features some of Casita María's values, as well as their motto in both English and Spanish. Casita María is one of the oldest organizations in the Bronx that has been serving the Puerto Rican and Latinx Communities for over 85 years. We're glad to have connected with the Puerto Rican and Latinx diaspora through arts and muralism.

Photos by Argenis Apolonario. Courtesy of Casita María

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