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Jájome Bajo

Cayey, Puerto Rico

2022 | Jájome Bajo @ Cayey, Puerto Rico

“Jájome Bajo” mural made with the community of Jájome Bajo de Cayey, Puerto Rico. This community is located in the Jájome River basin, in the southeast of Cayey. With the passage of Hurricane María, 78 homes were affected, and several families had to move to the United States and other towns in PR.


This mural is part of the “Art and Memory of Jájome Bajo” project of the University of Puerto Rico in its Cayey Campus. It portrays the importance of the river in the daily lives of the members of the community, as well as its autochthonous flora and fauna. The young tree that is being planted is a native oak, typical of the area, but it also serves as a metaphor for the community's strength and resilience. It represents what “Jájome” is for the community and what it envisions for the future.


We thank Doña Artemia for welcoming us with so much love into her community, Prof. Rosa Ficek for the opportunity to be part of this project, and the Jájome community for its affectionate welcome.

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