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Tocando Tierra

2023 @ Escuela Ángel G. Quintero, Morovis, P.R.
Tocando Tierra_edited.jpg
2023 | Tocando Tierra @ Morovis, P.R.

Tocando Tierra is a community mural project done in collaboration with the students of Angel G. Quintero Middle School. The mural was created using the poly tab technique to facilitate community participation.

The themes of the mural center on agro-ecology and Morovis. It features Morovis' landscape, adults and children tending to crops, children playing volleyball, native flora and fauna, and even cattle, which is as much part of the landscape as it is one of Morovis' top economic activities. The actions of the subjects evoke nurturing and enjoying the land with respect. The "mountain hands" underline the importance of embracing and protecting our resources.


The project was in planning for two years and finally commenced in May 2023. For the conceptualization of the piece, the collective held community workshops so that the students could bring forth ideas for the design and then critique it. After the workshops, a community painting session for the underpainting was held in early June. For the rest of the month, the artists painted all the details in their studio. By the end of July, the mural was finally installed on the school's facade.

This community project was possible thanks to the Albizua University, PROSA initiative, the Coalición de Prevención Moroveña (Coalition of Prevention of Morovis), and the collaboration of the school's director, teachers, employees, and of course, students.

Photography by Kelvin Rodríguez

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